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Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. The fourth most populous town in this country has a lot to offer. Monuments here is not missing, they are organized numerous concerts, exhibitions and events. And what people are living in Wroclaw? Very friendly to life, new people and foreign guests who want to visit this place.

Attractions that are worth exploring

Wroclaw is a place where contact different architectural styles. City for years was in the hands of the German people, so there prevailed the influence of German architects. Later, after the war, it passed into the hands of Polish and it was rebuilt in a style that prevailed in communist Poland. However, it is worthwhile to take a look at a few specimens that slippery surface from previous eras. These include, among others market. We are there pillory – currently landmark Wroclaw’s market, where people meet going to an event and meeting. There is also the town hall – perhaps the most distinctive of all the buildings of this type in Poland. In addition, we see a modern fountain, which is located behind the town hall. Many historic tenement houses located in the market, and each of them is a restaurant, shop, club, antiques, bank or other service point.dike-57691_640

A modern swimming pool with attractions

Being in Wroclaw, is also worth a visit aquapark. This is one of the larger complexes in Poland. You’ll find a lot of slides, leisure pools, sports pool, recreation center, jacuzzi, sauna, fitness area, gym and outdoor swimming pools. It is ideaklne place to go with the whole family. Children can take advantage of the attractions, appropriate to their age and their needs, which is sure to satisfy wszystkuch parents. Many rescuers will be watching over their safety, so no need to worry that your child for something to happen.

How to get to Wroclaw?

Wroclaw for several years has run a modern airport. For now, it is not supported very many international flights (http://www.lot.com/airline-tickets/), but no problem you can first fly to the Polish Warsaw and Katowice, and from there go directly to Wroclaw. Ticket prices are bargain, so the trip is not going to cost too much. Therefore, we keep track of tickets that appear in the search engine and hunt for bargains. Immediately we also book a hotel or hostel, the place does not have to worry about searching for this type of accommodation and accommodation.

Visit necessarily beautiful and sometimes romantic Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia, a business center and meeting place for many tourists from around the world.

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