Where to take better half for a romantic trip?

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Everybody who is in relationship is, knows exactly how important it is to travel together. Thanks to that, it is possible to better know each other, but also gain some shared memories and experience, which would make the relationship even stronger. Organizing a romantic travel might be also the best signal of dedication and caring about spending the time together. Such a surprise might also strengthen the fire and chemistry between two people. It is clear, that travelling together as a couple has plenty of positive sides and advantages. Therefore, we have prepared a proposition of two destinations which a perfect for a holiday together!

city-362298_640First of them is Milan, the capital of Lombardy, one of the regions in Italy. Even though Milan is usually associated mainly with fashion and style, the city has plenty of romantic spots and places, where you and your better half will fall in love even deeper! For example, the majestic gothic cathedra called Duomo. If you take a trip up to the terrace, you will see together one of the most romantic views in the whole city! Only about 15 minutes of walk from cathedra, there is a place known as Colonne di San Lorenzo. These are ancient Roman ruins, which are a perfect escape from the busy city, just to be alone together. It is beautiful and romantic especially in the evening! In the evening, you should also definitely go to Navigli District. This beautiful area is located next to canals, and is known for good restaurant. Therefore, take you better half for a nice and romantic dinner to that Milan district! There are many beautiful parks in Milan, but probably the most romantic one is the Gardens of Villa Reale. There are lake, ducks, plenty of plants and everything you need for a truly romantic atmosphere! Be aware, that listed places are only suggestions – Milan has so much more romantic spots to offer every couple!

If you want to take your better half to far away trip from Warsaw Tel Aviv might be a great destination. This is a main city, as well as the capital of Israel. When you are there, you can spend together plenty of time on all of these amazing beaches! The whole west side of the city (13 kilometres!) is constituted with amazing sandy beaches! But there are also other places that have romantic atmosphere, such as for example Jaffa Old City, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Promenade and Hayarkon Park. And these places are only examples! As you can see there is no doubt that your better half would be extremely happy when see Warsaw Tel Aviv tickets for your trip!

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