What to see in London?

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London has many various attractions and places to see and visit. The choice might be difficult, especially for those visitors, who has only a limited time in the city. However, there are some things that are so iconic and famous, that just simply have to be visited.
acadia-200245_640One of such sites is definitely the famous Buckingham Palace, built in 1837. Nowadays, it is a home of Queen Elizabeth II. Visitors can visit (as a part of the tour) nineteen rooms where the Royal Family host their guests, such as official representatives and so on. Obviously, private rooms of the queen are not available to be visited. However, those nineteen rooms who are available for visitors are those that are the most representative, therefore – also the most impressive. Those rooms are not only important scene of current political and state moments. In those state rooms many important historical events took place too. Therefore, it is definitely worth visiting. Once you are there, you should definitely try to see the changing of the guard at St Jame’s Palace. It is a perfect show of march and music! Another iconic building is definitely the Parliament and the famous Big Ben. The famous bell is well known all over the world. Its tolling is also used as the time signal on the BBC radio. Below the Big Ben and Tower Bridge, the Parliament stretches. It is possible to take the tour inside the parliament’s buildings and it is one of the things which is definitely worth to do.
There is also another iconic building, strongly connected with British Royal family – it is the Westminster Abbey. Its official name is the Collegiate Church of St Peter in Westminster. It has a very long history, as most of the sovereigns were crowned there, as well as buried. In other words – it is probably the most important place in terms of British royalty. Nowadays, the place is famous mostly for being the main location for Royal Weddings, including the one of Kate and prince William. There is also another famous religious site – St Paul’s Cathedral, which is probably one of the most amazing cathedral in the entire world. It has two twin towers, build in a Baroque style, which enable visitors to admire a spectacular view on London. Another “must see” is the London Eye. It was built in 200 in order to celebrate the millennium. It is the largest observation wheel in the entire Europe – it enables to admire the outstanding view on London from as high as 443 feet above the Thame. The “trip” on the observation wheel takes about thirty minutes.