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Poland is located in the middle of Europe, surrounded by seven neighbouring countries. Considering the landform, it is a very diverse land. A lot of beautiful cities are also here, but it is possible to reach the other seven countries easily. In this text we are exploring the neighbours of Poland that border that land from the south – Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Mountains and lake

Many people go to Slovakia to wander in Tatra mountains. Someone who likes mountain landscapes but does not want to climb can use the cable car on Lomnický štít. But mountains are not the only attraction in that area. Tourists gladly visit caves in Slovak Tatra. For example, incredible decorations, naturally created during hundreds of years from calcium can be seen in Demänovská Cave of Liberty. On the contrary, there are also people who enjoy Slovakia because of the possibility of resting in water. Zemplínska šírava is a popular summer destination for the whole families. In Slovakia there are also some thermal baths, like a sulphurous bath in Vrbov.

People who prefer sightseeing to mountain wandering or bathing can visit Bratislava, Bardejov and Košice – cities with rich history.

Castles and wonderful cities

Those who decide to visit Czech Republic ought to begin their stay from the capital city – Prague. Charles Bridge, constructed over 600 years ago is one of the most famous bridges in the world. The Old Town Square is also worth seeing, as well as the enormous Prague Castle. If someone would like to enjoy the healthy mineral water, he should go to Karlovy Vary, the biggest Czech spa town. Thousands of tourists with many health problems visit that city every year. People who like seeing castles or palaces will not be bored in that country. The castle in another spa town, Velke Losiny, astonishes with its Renaissance style. The oldest castle (built in 13th century) is Špilberk in Brno. Hundreds of years ago it was a great fortress with a prison inside. Nature lovers and those who like climbing on the rocks can visit the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks. The touristic routes here have various difficulty, so not only amateurs can be happy with the visit here.

When we are exploring the neighbours of Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic cannot be omitted. They offer great places not only for those who love city sightseeing, but also for people who love mountain landscapes. The diversity of attractions causes that thousands of tourist, not only from Europe, visit these two countries every year. They are definitely worth seeing.

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