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Many people, when planning they holiday, look rather West or South. As a result, there are ridiculous number of tourists in Western Europe (try to visit any of main attraction of Paris during the season!) or in the holiday resorts in the South (try to find any free sport on the beach!). Therefore, it might be more than worth to try to plan your trip to other destination – to Eastern European countries! They are equally beautiful and interesting, therefore you definitely will not be disappointed!

One of the Eastern European country that is very interesting for every visitor is definitely Ukraine, especially its capital – Lviv. The city has an amazing architecture – it is an unique combination of Eastern and Western styles and cultures. Within a short walk, you will be able to see masterpiece and mixes of many cultures, including Ukrainian, Jewish, Polish and German. It does sound tempting, doesn’t it? And the city has so much more to offer! In Lviv many festival take place throughout the year. Thanks to this, whenever you go there, you are able to attend some of them. For example, you can attend the amazing Alfa Hazz Festival conducted in June. If you visit Lviv in July-August, you will most probably have a chance to see the Klezmer Feast in Lviv – an international festival of Jewish music and dance. And this amazing Old Town, where you can wander around for hours! There are many old churches and cathedrals to be visit. The main square is a middle of a social life, so you can enjoy a drink in any of many cosy pubs and cafes. And it is just the beginning! Lviv has many other interesting sights and places that just have to be seen!cemetery-1341998_640

For those travelling from Warsaw Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, might be another great holiday destination in Eastern Europe. Even though the city is not yet that popular among tourists, there are plenty things to see and do! As in any other capital of this part of Europe, there is a beautiful Old Town. You can wander around small street with amazing climate. There are popular street markets which are open the whole year. And many restaurants, in which you can try delicious local cuisine. Furthermore, you can reach sea within just a few minutes by taking one of the local buses from the city centre! Therefore, from visitors from Warsaw Tallinn might offer a beautiful seaside which is even easier accessible than the Polish one! During the summer, you can swim and sunbath. During the winter, this might be a perfect place for long, romantic walks. Doesn’t it sound great?

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