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When we are planning our future holidays, sometimes it is hard to decide which destination to choose, cause choice is just too big. First you must decide if you better like to spend entire week on the beach, ir maybe you are interested more into sightseeing. If second option is better for you, great idea for vacations may be Netherlands.

Trip to the West Europe

Since Poland became member of EU, plenty of Poles get opportunity to transfer to Netherlands and start legal work. That is why nowadays many thousands of our compatriots are living in there and many of bus carriers are offering transfers from Poland to Netherlands. This option is possible from western part of our country, most of the connections are going to Amsterdam. But if you don’t like to spend 10 hours inside the bus you should book a flight (pll lot) instead. To get to the capital you have to choose airports in Warsaw or Cracow. Other airfield in Poland are offering connections to Eindhoven.


Probably no one who is going for a trip to Netherlands is avoiding trip to the capital of country. Nothing surprising in that, cause it is filled with extraordinary monuments and sophisticated attractions. If you like an art you can go to the Rijksmuseum to admire works of Rembrandt, Bosch or van Gogh. Also, you can take a tour to the Rembrandt’s House, where you will see plenty of interesting objects which were belonging to this genius painter. If you are a fan of  beer in Amsterdam you should go to the Heineken Experience, the museum of brewery, where you will learn an ancient methods of brewing. If you like to enjoy attractions not possible in any other place in Europe, at least legal, you have to visit coffee shop. You won’t find in there normal beverage it is a place where you may buy marijuana.

Another locations

But Netherlands is not only about Amsterdam, even if this is the most popular city in the country. Also Eindhoven is nice place to visit interesting attractions, like antique historical museum for example. Even football lovers will enjoy the trip to this town, it is a house for PSV Museum, very popular football team from Netherlands. If you like to spend vacations by the sea shore you should visit Hagha, another lovely place on the map of this country. The most amazing monument in there is Binnenhof, spectacular, Gothic building, founded in the medieval times. Inside of the building is situated interesting collection dedicated to the city. You will find in there old furniture, clothes maps and more.

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