Two destination worth to visit during this holiday

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The holiday season is getting closer and closer. Most people have already planned their holiday carefully and currently are counting days for its start. However, if you still didn’t manage to plan your holiday, do not worry nor panic. This article will give you some useful advices where you can go this year, so you can still enjoy your holiday as much as possible. Are you ready to become familiar with those two amazing destinations?

latvia-682604_640First of them is Ljubljana. This is the largest city and the capital of Slovenia. Apart of visiting many interesting museums (such as for example National Museum of Contemporary History) and important sights (it might be enough to mentioned breath taking Old Town or Preseren Square), there are many other things to do! Ljubljana hosts many outstanding cultural events. The most famous is definitely the Ljubljana Festival, which had been hold since 1953! It takes place every year between July and August. What is so special about this festival? Fact, that it attract stars and performers from various fields, for example from opera and ballet, but also rock and jazz musicians, or even theatre actors. If you decide to visit the festival during your holiday, you can be sure that you will definitely find something for yourself there! Furthermore, Ljubljana is a home for amazing street art! You can admire it while just cycle around the old part of the city. This off the batten track activities sound tempting, don’t they?

If you look for another city relatively close to Warsaw Riga might be a good idea. It is close and.. extremely interesting! Riga is a city that has experienced very hard history. Thanks to that, there are many extremely interesting places that would allow you to become familiar with this history even more. For example, you can make a tour around places connected with Soviet period. Serach cheap flight to Riga on – During such trip you should visit and see various soviet monuments as well as former KGB headquarter. In Riga there are plenty amazing museums that just have to be seen! One of them is the Museum of Occupations, that presents the history of occupation both by Nazi Germany and Soviet Union during the Second World War. But there are also many more! For example, ver.y engaging Museum of History and Navigation of Riga. At the end of the busy day, you can just wander around the beautiful Old Town, enjoying your dinner and drink in one of many nice and cosy restaurants. One thing is for sure – If you decide to make a trip from Warsaw Riga will definitely not disappoint you!

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