How to pack Your bag on holidays?

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Organization of holidays, especially when we are choosing to do it on our own entirely, it is a lot of work. First we need to find perfect destination, then accommodation in good price and perfect deal on flights or other mode of transportation. But also a lot of travelers have a big problem with packing, especially if they have limited space.

How to pack for a carry on bag?

If you are going for one week holidays and you like to spare some cash on a ticket lot polish airlines, you should be fine with carry on baggage, which is free of charge. However, this type of bag is going with you on board, that is why you cannot fit inside whatever you like, there are some regulations. First of all you have to avoid any items that may be dangerous to another person on board. That are especially objects with sharp edges, like knifes or scissors. If you forget that you have it inside of your bag security will see it and take it away from you, with no doubt. Also, if you like to bring some cosmetics with you, remember to pour each fluid inside of special, plastic bottles, you may buy it in a drug store. You can have 10 bottles of 100ml tops. You cannot also take inside of carry on bag any alcohol, but with no problem you will buy one on the duty free zone, in really nice price.

Registered baggage

This type of bag is a lot bigger than carry on bag, so it will be perfect for a longer trip, on in case if you really like to have a lot of belongings with you. In here you may put almost whatever you like, cause you won’t have an access to this bag after you leave it on the airport. it will travel in the bag cabinet on the other side of plane. However, some extraordinary items are also prohibited in there. Of course any type of gun is forbidden, as well as bigger sport equipment, like skis, snowboard or scuba diving equipment.

How to pack?

You can fit a lot more belongings into the valise if only you will be aware how to pack properly. Try to save free space by stuffing the shoes with your underwear or other, smaller objects that you will to take with you on vacations. You can roll your trousers into a wrap, the same with sweaters and dresses. Of course it will be a bit creased after the flight, however it is perfect option to save a lot of space. But before you even start packing you should think very carefully, which items you really need on your holidays. If you better like to wear shorts and t-shirt, take only one or two pair of shorts, cause you do not have to wear another one each day.