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Warsaw, the capital of the Poland is a place, where many of people are traveling every single day. Tourists are interested in it monuments, students are going to the University, villagers for work. No matter the reason why you like to get there, you have several modes of transportation to choose. Car, train, or maybe a bus? But what if you travel from distant part of a country? In that situation, you need to use an airplane.

Since Poland became part of European Union, we no longer need to use services of only one, expensive airline company. Now, smaller carriers, with reasonable prices are offering their connections, also domestic ones. If you like to find cheap flights to Warsaw, it is not a big deal, but you need to fallow certain rules. First of all, you should start to watch some web pages, which owners are offering really good deals on flights – sometimes you can get from one city to another, in price of couple Euro. Another method is to book your flight a lot earlier, sometimes even six months before your trip. Thanks to that you will be able to get very reasonable price. When you are traveling only for several days, you can also safe some money on baggage. Carry-on is free of charge, and most of the companies let us take medium size valise, in which we can fit a lot of clothes and cosmetics.foggy-1149202_640

You find very cheap flights to Warsaw and you like to do some sightseeing in there? It is very good idea. Although the capital was very destroyed during the events of World War To, it has plenty of interesting monuments to offer still. First of all, you should go to the Palace of Culture and Science, great example of Social realism architecture. You are able to travel by elevator on top of it, to admire a magnificent panorama of he city. Then you should go to the hills, where old town is situated. You will find in there Royal Castle, renovated very well, in which you can find some great examples of Renaissance interior design. You are traveling with your beloved one and you want this trip to be special? Take her to Lazienki, district outside the center, where time stops in eighteenth century. You will admire a nostalgic walk trough park, situated in front of amazing palace over the lake.

If you are thinking about visit in capital, you should consider to look for some great deals on flights, especially if you are living far away from it. Warsaw is very interesting city, that is why plenty of tourists, not only Polish ones, are visiting it.

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