Trip to the Beijing from Poland

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Nowadays, people from Poland, are traveling whole around the planet. We are exploring European capitals, having nice time at Italian seashore, going for a cruise on elephants in Thailand. Another interesting potion, which is possible from Poland, is flight to the Beijing. This huge, Chinese metropolis is one of the most interesting cities in entire Asia. But there are couple thinks which you should know, if you like your trip to be save, cheap and very comfortable.

At the beginning, you need to plan a trip very carefully. One of the most important think is a date – if you are about to choose Warsaw Beijing connection, the best will be spring, since April till June. It is not very hot, but warm, and there is very dry. Summer is much warmer, but it is raining all the time. And if you are thinking about cheap flight, you should book your ticket at least half year before your journey. Next, you need to plan your trip in a plane. Journey will took about ten hours, so it is better to be prepared. First of, all to avoid any clots in your vein, you have to take a long walk, just before your flight. It will make blood in your veins flow much faster. Also, don’t forget to take care of your entertainment. of course, during Warsaw Beijing flight some movie will be showing, but it you don’t have to like it. That is why, some good book or magazine will be very fine.roof-1028255_640

And what about the city? If you like to relocate very fast and easy between multiples locations, you have to take a subway. And there is a lot of interesting monuments to admire in this city. First of all, astonishing, oriental architecture. plenty of ancient mansions, made entirely of wood – you won’t find anything like that in entire Europe. Also, couple dozens kilometers outside the Beijing, you could find a\the Great wall of China, one of the most important monuments in the entire world. Also, in the center of the city, you need to take a tour around Tian’anmen Place, where plenty of important protest took place in the past. But this city is not only about a history, but also about modernism. Therefore you could admire in here plenty of magnificent skyscrapers.

If you are planning to book Warsaw Beijing connection, first thing you need to do, is to plan a trip very carefully. How to buy a ticket, and when? How to prepare for a flight. And when you arrive in there, you will be surprised, how this city is amazing. it is a place, where ancient history meet the new, modern world.