What is a free walking tour?

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During our summer holidays, plenty of us better like to choose destination, where we will be able to visit some interesting monuments. Fortunately plenty of nice metropolis are situated by the sea, so we may still get tan and lay on a beach. If you are organizing your trip by yourself, you won’t be able to sightseeing with qualified guide, so you may miss some important information. Fortunately you have another option to try.

Free walking tour

When we are visiting phenomenal cities with plenty of monuments, like Paris, Barcelona or Rome, we are going to do sightseeing in there for sure. Nowadays not so many people are aware about facts connected with history and architecture, so you and your friends won’t be able to get an essence from the trip. Of course, in each city you can pay for a special guide who will show you around, but option like that is very expensive. However, in many cities whole around the world, also in Poland, you can try another option, named free walking tour.

Idea like that is not young, since many decades qualified guides were offering free services from time to time, especially to get an advertisement for a future. However nowadays this idea is more formal than ever before, thanks to the internet. Only using your smart phone you may track within couple of second free walking tour options in chosen destination. You don’t have to make any booking, you only have to be present on the exact place in the exact time. Every future tours will be announced into the official website of FWT. You can choose among couple of options, depending on your preferences and location. For example, in Paris you may take a tour around the Revival architecture, which were very popular in there, or just fallow the paths of medieval Paris. In Barcelona you may choose a trip around Gaudi’s monuments or Gothic part of the city.

The idea of free walking tour is to connect foreigners with a culture of a visited country, without spending any money on a guide. People who are organizing trips are mostly young students which need to have some practice as a guide. Some options in this method are payable, but it is really well and properly tabbed. Sometimes the guide himself is for free, but you have to pay for a ticket or other option. Really popular is a tour around popular, traditional restaurants. You will have to pay for each meal, but you will get a special price. The same is with art galleries, but most of them have a one day during the week for free.