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Nowadays, plane tickets, especially those for short distance trips, are in very reasonable price. A lot of time, it is cheaper to get from one location to another by plane then by train. It is all because we have plenty of small airline companies offers available. They have smaller planes and can arrange flight for a penny. And what about longer, lasting dozen hours flight? If you like to go from Poland to United States, you could also get an option of cheaper journey, but you need to look very carefully for it.

One of the cheapest options are flights from Warsaw to Chicago. This connection is very popular, therefor more economical. If you like to travel to America, but to some other city, there is no problem at all. You just need to choose this connection, and after you arrive in the city, you need to book domestic flight. Americans are flying back and forth a lot, they are working in different cities, having family spread around whole States. That is why, most of them are using plane as their mode of transportation. If you like to get to the Los Angeles, first you need to book flights from Warsaw to Chicago. After, you can find a ticket to California for two hundred dollars, it is very reasonable price.

If you have never been to United States, you need to know several rules about this country. First of all, you need a visa. Poland is one out of few members of European Union which needs this type of document. To get it, first you need to get an appointment in consulate – in Warsaw or Krakow. Then you need to go there in person with all requires papers. If you have never been a convict, and you don’t have any huge debts, you shouldn’t have any problem with getting a visa. Only after you get this document you can book flights from Warsaw to Chicago. You need to remember also about another regulations, this time in an airplane. United States have very strict policy about it, because they are afraid of terrorist. You cannot have too much liquid with you – it need to be gathered in small bottles, not bigger then 100 ml. You could not have any type of food in your luggage – also this registered. Because United States not allowed to bring to them any type of foreign meals, even if they are packed in a factory.

Trip to America is a big thing for many peoples. If you like to go there, you don’t need to spend a fortune, there are cheap airline tickets available to Chicago. Remember about visa, before you book your flight, and read very carefully about regulations at the airport.


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