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Since Poland became member of European Union, a lot of things had change in our country, mostly for the best. People get chance to travel to different cities from EU, to find job, fully legal and better then in Poland. Thank to that, small airline companies became interested in our country, cause it citizens start to travel back and forth, visiting families in their home towns. If you are a traveler, it is very good thing, cause you can go from one place to another for a song.

One of the option of trips in very reasonable price, are last minute flights. It is option offered both for the airline and tourism agencies, in case when they have some seats left on the plane. This option is cheaper even five times then regular price, so it is good idea to take it, especially if you like to save some pocket money on it. Unfortunately, last minute flights have also some flaws. First of all, if you like to use it, you cannot plan your journey few months ahead. Cause offers like that are available just one day before the date. But a lot of people use it anyway, using special web pages. They are gathered all deals like that in one place. Therefore, if your week off at work beginning tomorrow, you just enter this page and choosing the best destination available. It is great option for all those people, who like to risk.

landscape-1210053_640If you are no enthusiast of last minute flights, but you still like to travel for a song, you should use a first minute option. Several months before your vacations, you should start to look for favorite destination, right after airline companies show their future schedule. Thanks to that, you will be able to get the best price, cause closer the date of the flights, higher is the price of tickets. In this type of deal, you can also use services of dedicated web pages. The best will be to fallow newsletter of each of them, to make sure you won’t miss anything. But ticket is not everything, you also need to thing about your luggage, if you like to safe some money. If you are planning to go only for several days, don’t pay for checked baggage, carry-on should be enough. You will fit in there all your clothes, even cosmetics.

Nowadays, we have plenty of various tourist destinations available, even from Poland. But even our economic situation is not the worst, Polish travelers prefer to pay less for their tickets. That is why, so popular are first and last minute flights, offered on special web pages and by tourism agencies.

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