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New Year is a great reason to make some resolutions. One of them can be travelling by plane much often than in a previous year. Luckily, there are numerous ways to do it because the low-budget airlines as well as well-known airlines have prepared really rich offer for their customers. It is worth to see the offer provided by the biggest European airports such as Heathrow in London, the United Kingdom and Amsterdam Schiphol in the Netherlands.

Let’s see the journey possibilities from Heathrow. Currently, it is the most powerful airport in Europe that offers direct flights to every continent except Australia. The airport is served by popular intercontinental airlines as well as European and British airlines.

When it comes to plane ideas for 2017, it is worth to start with the most common places in Europe. It is always worth to know that every place has always the second face worth to discover. A great example can be Rome. It is worth to know that the city is famous not only for the Colloseum. You may take the tour to discover the places where the famous films were set. You can be sure that they look much better in real. You can arrive in Rome by place. The direct flights are operated on the boards of low-cost airlines and the most famous as well.

travel-1410824_640The second interesting destination is New York. The flights to the city are operated on the boards of American airlines usually. New York is a magic place that is a small USA in one city. It is a place where people may enjoy the cultural activities, go to the tallest skyscrapers in the world and enjoy the American atmosphere that is available at every corner. It is also worth to underline that plane tickets to New York are much cheaper than they used to be few years ago. The flight is performed on the board of a comfortable aeroplane where the passengers may enjoy watching interesting TV series and films in numerous languages. The most popular airport in New York where European planes lands is New York-JFK.

Another interesting destination is Eilat in Israel. It is a city placed on desert as well as on the edges of the Red Sea in the southern Israel. It is a real resort that is suitable for whole families as well as individual tourists. It is pretty easy to get there by plane from Heathrow Airport. The flight lasts about five hours. It is served on the board of Israel airlines as well as the British ones. It is worth to visit the city especially during winter months because there is always sunny and hot.

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