This year you should visit Chicago!

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Chicago is one of those cities, that it is not very often visit by Polish tourists. It seems to be perceived as a place where you can go to earn money, but not for holiday. Such approach and perception has definitely plenty to do with the difficult history and directions of emigration. However, times have changed and the world looks different nowadays. Therefore, our mentality and attitude toward this amazing city should also change. Chicago is one of the most impressive city in the world and it is definitely worth a visit!
In the past, prices of airline tickets Chicago – Warsaw seemed to be very expensive. Nowadays, where people from Poland fly for their holidays all over the world, the price doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. Flights tickets from Warsaw to Chicago is similar as for those tickets many people pay while going for holiday in Asia or in North Africa (which are currently the most popular destinations outside the Europe). If we already agreed, that price is not a problem anymore, we should move to another aspect – the duration of flight. Obviously, it will take longer than travelling to any of our neighbouring country. However, airline tickets Chicago – Warsaw usually include the higher service: free meals and drinks, private screen on which you can watch your favourite movies, series or documentaries. Travelling in such conditions would be a pure pleasure and time will pass very quickly!

Chicago has also plenty to offer for any visitor. If you are interested in museums, you will definitely fall in love with the Chicago Museum Campus that house three world-class museums. One of them is the Field Museum, that has a collection of more than twenty million various specimens and artefacts! In this amazing natural history museum you can visit extraordinary exhibits regarding dinosaurs, Native Americans and many more! Another excellent museum which is located in the Chicago Museum Campus is the Adler Planetarium where you can enjoy two full size planetarium theatres. This place is loved not only by adults, but also by all children! The third museum in the campus is the Shedd Aquarium – the world’s largest indoor aquarium. You can see there over 25,000 fish! Once you visit all mentioned museums, you can take a water taxi to Navy Pier, with plenty of restaurants, cafes, and other attractions such as street performers.  Doesn’t it sound amazing? And those are ideas only for one day in Chicago! There are also many other amazing sites and things to do in the city, but to cover all of them, it would be necessary to write the whole guide, not an article!

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