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Are you already tired of the way your holiday has been looking for the past few years? Or maybe you are not tired, but you still would like to try some new idea and concept? That is great! Thanks to the fact that you are so open, you will be able to make the best out of your holiday! We have a solution that might be extremely interesting for you. Want to hear more about it?

To present you this “theory”, we have no choice but to make some generalizations. Obviously, we cannot assume that everybody do and behave as we describe, but definitely the big part of the tourist group actually do. Most of the people (obviously not all), usually choose one city as their holiday destination. In practise in means that if they decide to take a flight from Warsaw Tokyo, they would probably stay in Tokyo for most of their holiday. It might be nice, but we admit – there are some better options! On the other hand, other people like visiting more places during one holiday. If that type of tourists go, for example, to Minsk, they would most probably visit also other parts of Belarus, which are located pretty close to Minsk. In practise it means, that even though they might start and finish their holiday in the capital city, they would do their best to get familiar with as many places in the new country, as possible during their holiday, for example during one day trips. The last very common pattern of tourism is visiting a few countries during one trip. However, usually these are countries which are located next to each other. For example, within last few years, it was very popular to visit at least a few countries in the Balkan region. Many people were going not only to Moldavia, but also to neighbouring Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and so on. Due to the fact, that those countries are so closely connected and share a huge part of history, there are relatively similar to each other, both culturally and historically.minsk-643266_640

However, there is also another option, we would like to present you. We believe, that thanks to this your holiday might be much more interesting. This option also include visiting at least two countries during the holiday, but totally different one. To make it more clear, let us give you some example. Imagine you take flight from Warsaw Tokyo. You stay in Tokyo for a while, discovering Japanese food, traditions and history. After a while (depending on how long your holidays are), you travel to totally different region of the word (but due to the economic reasons, probably somewhere on the way home). So in that case, you can fly to Minsk. It is not different both from your home country, as from the country you just left. So you have this pleasant feeling of excitement even stronger!