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The spring has finally came and fantastic weather along wit it. It makes us wonder about future holidays, all of us like to spend it in some nice location. But people are different. Some of us like to lay on a beach all night and do nothing, just drinking a cold beverages and maybe sometimes do a tour around town. Another kind of tourists are more adventures. They are choosing only locations with plenty of heritages and lovely architecture, filled of coffee shops and art galleries. For each of passengers, cheap airline companies have interesting connections.

If you are a big fan of a hot weather and you like to use your vacations to recharge your batteries for another year, you should definitely buy some flight tickets to Larnaca. This capital of Cyprus is very popular tourist destination, especially for Polish people, since cheap flights became available. All the seashore of this place is filled with excellent hotels, most in very reasonable prices. Each of them have own, private beach, dedicated to their guests. And if you get tired of laying on the beach with refreshing cocktail in your hand, you can go for a tour around the city. The old part of Larnaca looks amazing, it is filled with old, Medieval buildings, most of them are churches, orthodox and mosques.

cyprus-1190529_640For all those tourist who like to spend a lot of time on their feet, visiting monuments, the best air connection will be on a trace Warsaw Prague. This magical city, use to be the cultural capital of this part of the Europe. Even now, a lot of artists are searching for an inspirations in this magical place. Also it owns plenty of interesting heritages. The true signature of the city is Church of Mother of God. It was first build in eleventh century, and it was renewed several times, it has two similar towers, very characteristic. Another important object in Prague is a Charles Bridge, it leads from the old town to the Hradcany. All day and night long it is filled with tourists. A lot of artists are making portraits in there, you can get some interesting souvenirs, and even listen to the music. If you like to go there from Poland, the Warsaw Prague connection will be the cheapest.

Depends on which type of activity you prefer, another city will be the best for your holidays. If you like a high temperatury and salty water in the sea, you need to visit Larnaca, definitely. And when you are looking for some interesting monuments in artistic scenery, Prague will be the best for you.

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