Summertime in Hungary

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In present times Polish travelers are having difficult job to decide where to travel for future holidays. After cheap, airline companies become more available for them, they were able to visit distance, exotic countries, not only in Europe. If you are looking for some interesting destination, you can visit Hungary, a country with a lot of attractions to offer.

Prepare for a road

You have many of different options to travel to this country. If you are living in the south, you can try to go there by car, bus or train. Journey like that will take about ten hours of your time. Bus could be very cheap, a lot of private companies are offering huge discounts. If you are planning a trip with three friends also the car will be good idea. Train is the most comfortable but also very expensive option. But the perfect idea is to book a flight to the Hungary, using cheap, airline companies. It could be the cheapest option, if you only book a ticket fast enough.

The capital

hungary-992509_640Budapest is one of the most beautiful metropolis in entire Europe, so you shouldn\’t miss a trip to this destination. First of all you should go to the Old Town, wit amazing Royal Palace at the top of the hill. It used to be main residence of local overlords, it was constructed in medieval times and rebuild a lot lately. Nowadays it is amazing example of Classical architecture. A lot younger, but also charming building in this area is the Fisherman Tower. It was designed in the end of nineteenth century, in Romanesque Revival style. That is why it looks like some castle from a cartoon for kids. At the other side of Danube river you will find monumental headquarter of Hungarian Parliament. It is good place not only to contemplate nice architecture, but also to be in the center of main events in Budapest. In the city you also have a chance to see many interesting exhibitions, like Nuclear Hospital for example.

Another places

Only twelve kilometres from the capital of Hungary lays another, amazing city, Szentendre. It is old, medieval town, founded by Serbian people, who were farming the wine grapes in there. But the city is popular not only because of tasty beverage, but also architecture. It is filled with beautiful mansions, narrow, medieval streets covered with stones and charming restaurants and pubs. If you like to rest close to some big basin you can visit one out of many villages, situated by the Balton lake\’s side. This is the biggest lake in entire Europe, you cannot see the end of it when you are standing at the beach.

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