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The capital of Netherlands is one of the most interesting place to visit in Europe. The city is known for it amazing landscape, great monuments and friendly people. It is also good place to try less conventional attractions, which are forbidden in most of the European capitals. Even short, longer weekend trip is a good occasion to see the best places in Amsterdam.

Popular objects

Probably every one heard about Ann Frank, little, Jewish girl, which were writing her diary during the Nazi occupation on the area of Amsterdam. In there you can still visit the Ann Frank House, place were girl and her family were hiding during entire world war two. Museum is filled with important artefacts about the war and Jewish culture. While visiting this capital you shouldn\’t miss a trip to the Dam Place, the most popular meeting place of Amsterdam. It is filled with gift shops, popular restaurants and pubs open till the morning. In Amsterdam, you will also find the Red Light District, were beautiful women are standing beside the glass, offering their services to people. For admirers of sacral architecture the most important object will be the Oude Kerk cathedral, beautiful church with amazing stained glass work.


amsterdam-988046_640Amsterdam is filled with great museums of different kinds. First of all you have to go to the van Gogh Museum, the biggest collection of this Dutch painter. If you are interested in work of another Dutch and Western Europe painters go to the Rijksmusemu, one of the most important art gallery in the world. It is filled with works of Rembrandt, van Eyck, Vermeer and Bosch. Less conventional but also interesting is a Heineken Museum, dedicated to the most popular Dutch brand of beer. You can see in there how this beverage is produced, based on historical technology. Rembrandhuis it\’s another nice object in Amsterdam. It is a building were this popular painter was born. You will see in there some of his paintings and drawings, personal object, manuscripts and more.

Another attractions

If you are travelling with children you can also visit the Efteling, the biggest amusement park in the area of Netherlands. It is filled with modern carousels, big wheels. There are also a Fairly Tale land, where children can meet with popular cartoon characters. During warm day travelers can also visit the zoologist garden. It is great place to observe exotic animals, you can also grab a meal in there and drink delicious beer. If you like to try soft drugs you can visit one of the local coffee shops, were you will buy various types of marijuana.

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