Which items pack for a mountain trip?

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In present times young people are taking care of their bodies a lot better then their parents two decades ago. Being in shape is very important nowadays, so we even like to spend our vacations in a active way. If you are about to take a trip to the mountains, for the first time, you have to know how to pack your bag in a proper way.

Basic information

When you are going for a trip like that, you need to remember about proper backpack. It need to be really solid and not very heavy, therefore it must have it price. You shouldn’t spare on purchase like that, cause with great backpack no rains or other atmosphere changes will be scared. Try to find a medium size bag with plenty of additional pockets, it will be really useful. Also make sure if it has a special place to attach your tan or a sleeping mat. Otherwise those items won’t be safely packed. If you are planning a trip with another friends you should all try to take as less tents as possible. A lot smaller will be one for four person, then a single person tent. You should choose one with extra cover in front, it will protect you from the hot in the sunny day.

The most important items

If you are going for a longer, lasting entire week trip in mountains, you need to make sure, that you have all belongings needed, especially if you will wander away from the civilization. First of all pack the drugs that you may need, like painkillers, bandages, some scissors, clear water and some drugs for stomach problems. Also if you have in plans to prepare your own meals, you can buy a special type of pots, very solid but light. You may buy entire set in a store with traveler’s equipment. Another nice object to take is a small, foldable chair. It weight like nothing and take only a few space, but it will be really useful after couple of days. If you like to buy a sleeping bag for the first time you have to remember about temperature. Each model has another destination, if you are about to travel in a summer, then a bag for Alpinists won’t be good.

What about clothes?

Of course you need to take a lot of clothes with you as well, but you have to think that trough, cause it will take a lot of space into your backpack. Even if you are heading to mountains in exotic country, you shouldn’t forget to pack some warm sweater or blouse, the best will be one with zipper. Also try to take only an items from solid materials. If you are afraid of cold nights you may buy special type of pyjamas, that will keep you warm a lot.

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