Run away somewhere far away this summer

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Many people, while choosing their holiday destination, go rather for places somewhere nearby. One of the main reason for it might be the fact, that they are a little too scared to go somewhere far away, as it means totally different culture and cultural shock. It might make sense at a logical sense, as other European countries, which are usually chosen as a holiday destination, are more culturally similar. However, it is really worth to go to visit a country located far away, in the region you have never been to before. It will give you a totally new experiences and will allow you to leave your comfort zone. You will be able to meet amazing people that might have a little different mentality that these in your home country, different cultures, system of believes as well as totally new cuisine!
Probably you are already intrigued enough, to give up on planning to go to Prague this year, and search for some other, further location. And we encourage you to do it! However, you need to understand one important thing. It is not about abandoning travelling to neighbouring countries. For example, already mentioned Prague is an extremely beautiful city, full of amazing museums and incredible places that just have to be visited. Therefore, you definitely should still visit Prague with your friends or family members. It is more about encouraging you to apart of visiting that city, try also something new. Do your best to leave your comfort zone for this holiday. At the beginning it might be hard. You might even feel a little lost or insecure, but every day will be easier. In return, you will be richer in totally new experiences!buddha-1098693_640
If you are up for it, you have probably already started to wonder where you can go. Well, there are many possibilities. Numerous flights to America and Asia will allow you to choose any destination you want. What is even more, due to the competition, flights are not so expensive as they were a few years ago – read more If you regularly look for some special occasions, and if you are at least a bit lucky, you will be able to find flights to America and Asia for the price very similar for those flights within Europe. And then you can discover a totally new places and cultures! You could attend yoga course in India, walk on the Great Wall in China, see Mont Everest in Nepal, learn how to dance tango in Argentina or have an amazing time in festival in Brazil.
So… are you ready for this totally new experience this holiday?