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Most of the people from Poland are longing for summer time, when days are sunny and long, and we are taking couple days off at work, to spend holidays in some place nice. Since dozen years, after many Polish citizens start to labor abroad, small airline carriers are available here. Thanks to that, we can travel whole around the world fast and comfortable. Also, this mode of transportation can be very cheap, but only if you plan it in proper way. So, do not wait till the last day, because best deals can disappear.

The sooner is better
All of us like to travel for a song, but to do so, you need to start your vacation planning several months earlier. First of all, get to know, when you can take one week off at work, and after you book it, start to look for flights. No matter where you like to go, the sooner you buy your tickets the lower will be final price. If you are planning trip to United States, you should do it even one year ahead, cause you need travel visa for that. At the area of Europe, you could start your preparation three months earlier. Also, if you like to save even more money, think about baggage. You don’t need to pay for checked in one, if you are going just for one week. Carry on is medium size and free of charge, so it should be enough for you.gerstruben-62582_640

You should be aware, what type of material are forbidden on board, because if you take some of them with you, security guard will throw it out. First of all – liquids. You can take cosmetics with you, but each type need to be packed into small, 100 ml bottle, and gathered into transparent bag. Also, the only food you can bring on board is that packed in original bag of producer. Self-made meal is allowed only for babies, and it need to be investigated twice during security check. Of course, you either cannot take any weapon, gun, knife scissors and any kind of objects with sharp edges. If you are heading on trip, that will last for dozen hours, you should take some entertainment with you. Good book, interesting magazine, or maybe film on your laptop? Anything should be fine.

Vacation planning is very important, thanks to that, you will be able to travel in very reasonable price. To do so, try to book your flights as soon as possible, the same is with accommodation. Also, consider how big your luggage need to be, cause you can also save money on that. Don’t forget to read regulations about forbidden materials, before you go on board, thanks to that you will avoid unpleasant situations.

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