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Are you already tired of the way your holiday has been looking for the past few years? Or maybe you are not tired, but you still would like to try some new idea and concept? That is great! Thanks to the fact that you are so open, you will be […]


Nowadays, people in Poland are fascinating in western world. We would like to live the way people in France or United Kingdom live, we are buying products from united States. Also, when we are thinking about some nice week out abroad, we are choosing London or Paris. But there is […]


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At the moment, we have plenty of various options for our summer holiday. we can travel trough the entire Europe for a penny, exploring interesting cities. Also, we could choose long distant connections to the United States if we like. There is no matter of big costs, because if we […]


Everybody looks for something different while on holidays. Some people love to lie on the beach and literally do nothing. Others – love hiking, do trekking or swimming. There are plenty of options for spending the holidays. However, there are also people who love museums. And they would be able […]


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