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Nowadays, people in Poland are fascinating in western world. We would like to live the way people in France or United Kingdom live, we are buying products from united States. Also, when we are thinking about some nice week out abroad, we are choosing London or Paris. But there is a lot of interesting travel destination not so far away from Poland, in Eastern Europe. We can visit another lovely countries, like Romania or Ukraine for example. Especially, since we have plenty of interesting fly connections to this places available at the moment.

Romania is a place which connote to us with count Dracula and poor people. But it is not entire true. This country from several year is a member of European union, it is much more wealthy then it was before. Also, the capital of it, Bucharest, is very magical spot, filled with phenomenal tourist attractions. It is called by a many people as a Paris of the Eastern Europe. Nothing surprising in that. Romanian language is very similar to French, and the architecture in Bucharest is also phenomenal. Of course, it is not so well renovated, a lot of buildings are ruined, but there is a charm in that. Also, you will find in this city a triumphal arch, raised in Classicism style. Also, another interesting example of architecture is a Ceausescu Palace, the signature of a city, and a true memorial of past regime.streets-686309_640

If you are looking for some nice flights from Warsaw Lviv should be your first call. This Ukrainian city shares a history with Poland. After all, till 1945 it was a part of our country. Still plenty of our compatriots are living in there. It is true perl of an Ukraine,although it is very ruined. During World War Two a lot of buildings was destroyed, and the citizens still are fighting with that. But if you are looking for some nice examples of each style in architecture, you will find many. A lot of great churches, not only Orthodox but also Catholic. Also, you will be able to admire very phenomenal galleries in there, with Polish and Ukrainian art, paintings, manuscripts and sculptures. And if you are choosing Warsaw Lviv connection, the airport is right outside the city.

If you like to admire some phenomenal architecture, you don’t have to go to expensive Paris or London. You could book a flight to Lviev or Bucharest and have a phenomenal journey in a very low price. Both of this city had a hard times during the World War Two, but year after year, each of them becoming more and more modern. Most of it because of foreign tourists.

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