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Every person is different, we have other needs and tastes, we like another movies and music. Also, there are at least two types of tourists. First are those who prefer to spend their holidays in some nice, warm destinations, near to the seashore. Second like to spend time in much more active way. So for they holidays they are choosing flights to some big cities in Europe and world. There a lot of cheap air tickets available at the moments, to each type of destinations. It is your call if you prefer sea or big metropolis.

Hamburg, even if it is situated one hundred kilometers from the sea, is one of the biggest harbors in the Europe, and the greatest in the Germany for sure. And because of this situation, it was always very important and wealthy city. it could be still noticeable, in it architecture. Cause we can see in here plenty of magnificent secular buildings, even from Middle Ages. The great example is the entire district of garners, structures where all the goods where kept before it shipment to another city. But not only architecture in Hamburg is phenomenal, the landscape is also amazing. If you like to have a romantic walk with your beloved one, toy should take her at the evening to the harbor. All those ships and it reflections in the watr look very

But there are also some nice flight for people, who prefer to take a sun baths. If you are this kind of person, you should book Warsaw Odessa connection. This beautiful city in the Ukraine, finally became a member of international cheap airline companies. This phenomenal city is situated next to the Black Sea, it use to be a part of Polish Kingdom, Adam Mickiewicz use to write down his poems in here. This city has very nice architecture, a lot of Baroque residences, Gothic and Classicism Orthodox churches, and plenty of green areas. So if you decide to take a tour around town, you won’t be boring, it is guaranteed. But the most important about this city is the sea. There are long kilometers of nice beaches, each hotel has it own, private. Also, if you don’t like to swim in the salty water, you will be able to take a bath in a swimming pool, there is plenty of it in here.

If you are looking for regular, exotic vacations in a low cost, you should consider to book Warsaw Odessa connection. But if you better like to explore some astonishing architecture and feel the true, city live, Hamburg is the best place for you. And if you like your tickets to be in lower price, make sure to book it couple month before your trip.

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