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Spring has finally arrived, the weather is getting more and more warm. Since days are longer, we have a lot more energy to make some plans for holidays. And thanks to the cheap airline connections, there are a lot of various flights available from Warsaw right now. You can go to the New York if you like to visit United States. You can fly to Thailand to ride on an elephant. Or you can choose some European option, in the best destination possible. Greece, or Turkey, which one you prefer?

Since Greece became bankrupt several years ago, vacations in Athens are not so expensive for Polish tourist as it use to be many years ago. Also, we have very cheap flight available to this destination, so the whole trip won’t be to expensive, even if we plan to take the whole family with us. And the capital of the Greece, is really worth to be seen. It is one of the oldest cities in the entire Europe, filled with plenty of ancient ruins. Unfortunately, a lot of spectacular sculptures made of gold, was stolen many years ago, but we can still feel the spirit of ancient times. But the Athens are not only about the monuments, it is also about great weather. The city is situated on the sea shore, so you will be able to lay on the beach and get some tan in there.temple-714495_640

Another interesting flight from Warsaw Istanbul is. This is also very old, interesting city, with a lot of history. Not everyone knows, that part of this town is situated in Europe, and another part in Asia. There are a lot of spectacular monuments to explore, form Christian and Muslim culture. The most important structure in there is Haga Sophia, former Orthodox church, after Turkish domination converted into mosque. Also, if you like a Byzantine art, you need to visit a Mosaic Museum, exhibition filled with ancient pieces, and some reconstructions of this phenomenal type of art. There are plenty of different mosques to visit, but only to few of them non believer may enter. And if you are choosing Warsaw Istanbul flight, don’ forget to take a bathing suit, because there are plenty of nice beaches on the sea shore. Beware to visit those ones for tourists, because outside the city it could be danger.

If you like to have a phenomenal vacations, filled with monuments, tours and days on the beach, you need to go to the Athens or Istanbul. Both of this cities have a huge history and spectacular weather, not only during summer time. And both of them you can visit by a plane, just find some great deal on tickets.

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