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Maybe the capital of Russia is not one of the most popular, Holiday destination, but for sure it is Worth to be visited. The colorful history of Moscow is the reason why plenty of great monuments are available in there. But how to organize the trip to save some cash for sightseeing? And which attraction no one should miss?

Vacation planning

Year by year we have more connections available from Poland to Russia, especially Moscow. You can use regular carriers, but a lot cheaper will be to try with smaller, international carriers. If you start to plan the trip half a year before the holiday, you got a huge chance to find plane ticket in reasonable price. The best is to start your journey from Warsaw, it is the cheapest option. Another think you have to have in mind is accommodation. Russia is very expensive for Polish citizens, that is why you should look for any chance to spare some money. Fortunately at the area of entire Moscow you can find small and cheap hostels. If you book a room in there it will be in very reasonable price. But remember, in hostel there is a big chance, that you will have to share a room with another travelers.

Sightseeing in Moscow

Moscow CityWhile you land at the area of the capital your first steps should lead you to the Red Place, the popular meeting spot for citizens and tourists. At the area of it lays the most popular building in Moscow, the temple of  Saint Basil. It is very unordinary temple, with beautiful, colorful gazebos at the top of it.  Very close to this church you can find big complex of Kremlin, the headquarter of Russian parliament. It is very monumental object, founded several centuries ago. Another attraction on the Red Palace, which no one should miss, is the Mausoleum of Lenin. In there you can see the body of former dictator, embalmed very well and placed into the glassy box. It is one of a lifetime experience! Right outside the Place you can see another, amazing temple – Basilica of Saint Mary. Maybe it is not so colorful as those of Saint Basil, but it is very distinguish and elegant. Entire building is painted in white, only gazebos are covered in real gold.

Another attractions

Of course Moscow is not only about the Red Place, outside of it you can also explore plenty of monuments and attractions. If you like to spend hot, summer day at the open air, you have to visit Gorky Park. It is almost legendary spot in the capital, and favorite meeting place for citizens. At the middle of it lays big wheel, from the top of it you will appreciate amazing panorama over the city.

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