Longer week in some big city? Use an airplane!

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At the present times, we have a lot of different possibilities to spend our vacations. we can go to the united States, ti visit our relatives, or to the Thailand, to have a cruise on the elephant. Also, if you don’t like to spend too much money, you can choose some European destination, in very reasonable price. And what about longer weekend? You like to have a nice time with your beloved one, in some magical place? The airplane will be the best mode of transportation. it is fast, save and very cheap, if you only know how to book your flight properly. Here are two, interesting places to visit.

Even if you are living in Wroclaw, you can have a nice time in another polish city, like Krakow for example. This former capital of Poland, is one of the prettiest places in this part of the Europe. Aldo, there are cheap airline connections available, so you can go there by plane as well. If you have never been to Krakow, you need to start your journey from the old town. you will see in there very beautiful, Mary’s church, build in Gothic style in Medieval times. It is the most popular because of the astonishing altar, and breathtaking stained glasses. Really close to this basilica, you will find a Sukiennice, right in the middle of the square. It use to be market place, now in there you can buy a lot of souvenirs from Krakow. About ten minuet walk from the square, you will find a Wawel Hill, with spectacular castle under the same name. It is a former house of Polish kings.lithuania-912362_640

Another interesting destination is Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. To get in there, you can also book some cheap, airline tickets from Poland. This city use to be a part of Polish Kingdom, in times, when Lithuania was in union with our country. It was cultural capital of this part of Europe, a lot of important artist were studying in there, like Adam Mickiewicz for example. Nowadays, Vilnius is also attractive, but in most regular way. It is very beautiful place with plenty of various monuments. The most interesting area in there is an old city, it is the best for a longer walk. You will find in there architecture from each art movement. Gothic churches, Baroque palaces, Renaissance houses and Rococo fountains.

If you are thinking about spending longer weekend in some nice town, you can book cheap airline ticket to a lot of various destinations. If you are a fan of monuments, you should visit Krakow, or more distanced from Poland – Vilnius. You will have the greatest time in each city.