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Cyprus becomes to be more and more popular among tourists. The reason for this situation is pretty obvious – the country is simply amazing. Breath-taking views and amazing weather. Therefore, if you have not visited this country yet, you should definitely consider it.
If you make a decision to visit Cyprus, you should book your flights to Larnaca. It is the third-largest city in the country, and it has its own airport. Why is it worth to go specially to this place among all other cities in Cyprus? There are many good reasons for this. First of all, this city has amazing and very rich history. Larnaca was built upon the ancient city of Kition in the 13th century BC. Furthermore, this old city has been influenced later on by many traders and settlers, among others Greeks, Romans, Turks as well as Egyptians. If you add the fact that Cyprus used to be a British colony until 1960, it results in unbelievable mix of influence of different cultures. Furthermore, this city is just perfect for any water sport lover. Why? Because Cyprus is a paradise for everybody who loves scuba diving. Once you are in Larnaca, you could dive to the old wreck of the ferry known as Zenobia, that has sunk in 1980.
water-1246643_640Furthermore, Larnaca is a perfect place from where you can easily visit all other places in Cyprus. Therefore, the best solution seems to be to stay there, even if you want to discover the rest of the country too. And it does not really matter if you want to see some historical sites of the country, do mountain skiing or visit one of the amazing traditional villages – all of them is pretty close and well connected with Larnaca. Larnaca is also a perfect spot for holidays for everybody who loves music. It is very easy to find place with amazing live music, as live music venues are very popular there. What is even better, there are many amazing festivals all over the year. It is difficult to list all of them, so it might be enough to mention the Larnaca Summer Festival (on which you can admire the combination of film, dance and music) as well as the famous Procession of St Lazarus. Once you are in Cyprus, you cannot miss the Larnaca salt lake – during the winter it fills with water and… pink flamingos migrate there! You can spot this amazing birds there always between February and April. And this is one of the most stunning view in the world!
To sum up – Cyprus is a perfect place for a holiday. However, if you plan to go there, you should keep in mind that Larnaca is probably the best destination in this country.

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