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What to see in London?


London has many various attractions and places to see and visit. The choice might be difficult, especially for those visitors, who has only a limited time in the city. However, there are some things that are so iconic and famous, that just simply have to be visited.

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Nowadays, thanks to cheap airline companies, you can travel whole around the world for a penny. You can visit relatives in Australia, have a great trip to New York, or fantastic time in Paris or Barcelona. But not only western world is interesting and worth to be seen. Also eastern […]

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Even if Poland is very close to the Germany, especially the Western part of our country, it always took several hours to get to the border of it from Warsaw. And our compatriots are going there very often, to make some business, to explore or maybe even to watch some […]

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New York City is the most populous city in the US. With the magnificent Statue of Liberty, which everyone all around the world knows attract millions of visitors every year. Airlines need to take care of visitors and industry. The New York metropolitan area has the busiest airport system in […]

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Fly cheap trough the Europe


Nowadays, we have a lot of opportunities for vacations. We may stay in Poland, and have a nice time on Baltic seashore. Also, if we like, we just may visit mountains on the South and have more active holiday. But the most adventures will be to fly to some other […]

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