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How to pack Your bag on holidays?

Organization of holidays, especially when we are choosing to do it on our own entirely, it is a lot of work. First we need to find perfect destination, then accommodation in good price and perfect deal on flights or other mode of transportation. But also a lot of travelers have […]

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It is one of the most frequently asked questions by the holidaymakers who plan their holidays. However, it is worth to know that not every journey requires the medical consultations. It all depends on your destination. Is it enough to consult a GP before leaving? The most reliable source of […]

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What is a free walking tour?

During our summer holidays, plenty of us better like to choose destination, where we will be able to visit some interesting monuments. Fortunately plenty of nice metropolis are situated by the sea, so we may still get tan and lay on a beach. If you are organizing your trip by […]

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What to see in London?


London has many various attractions and places to see and visit. The choice might be difficult, especially for those visitors, who has only a limited time in the city. However, there are some things that are so iconic and famous, that just simply have to be visited.

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Nowadays, thanks to cheap airline companies, you can travel whole around the world for a penny. You can visit relatives in Australia, have a great trip to New York, or fantastic time in Paris or Barcelona. But not only western world is interesting and worth to be seen. Also eastern […]

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