Medical consultation before your holidays

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It is one of the most frequently asked questions by the holidaymakers who plan their holidays. However, it is worth to know that not every journey requires the medical consultations. It all depends on your destination.

Is it enough to consult a GP before leaving?

The most reliable source of reliable and current knowledge about health will be provided by travel doctor – it is a special doctor who deals only with cases concern foreign diseases. Only this specialist can provide full information on health risks in the given area, recommended vaccinations and gives some simple preparation tip before your departure. Moreover, the specialist will also tell you what to do when the first symptoms of disease appear. A primary care physician can help you to prepare for the journey, usually adult person to places with little health risk. Nevertheless, the more detailed information, such as advice on tropical diseases or the current epidemiological situation in different parts of the world should be provided by a special physician. In the case when the holidaymaker does not have a possibility to consult a travel doctor a better solution than relying on information obtained by yourself is consultation with an internist.

Nevertheless, the experts recommend to see your doctor before travelling and they mention two important reasons:

The first one concerns travelling to the tropical destinations such as Thailand. It is a fantastic country with numerous beautiful sights, breath-taking landscapes and beaches and… fatal diseases. For this reason, the travellers from different parts of the globe, for example from the European Union’s countries need vaccinations. They will not provide them 100% of certainty that the diseases will not affect you but if you do not take them you risk a lot more. Moreover, if the physician knows what is your destination, he or she is able to provide you essential knowledge what to do to stay healthy, for example the travellers should not drink tap water – it consists of harmful bacteria for foreigners.

Secondly, during your medical consultation, the doctor will provide you some basic information what to do when you get sick. Unfortunately, despite of taking the vaccinations, you still may get sick. However, there are available some simple tips that can be applied to reduce the fever, the pain and get well soon.

Travelling is a fantastic activity but the health is sometimes more important than beautiful landscapes.