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At the moment, we have plenty of various options for our summer holiday. we can travel trough the entire Europe for a penny, exploring interesting cities. Also, we could choose long distant connections to the United States if we like. There is no matter of big costs, because if we know how to looking for a cheap flights, we can travel in very low costs. Here are two interesting destinations, for people who like to feel the spirit of great, cosmopolitan cities, in two different continents.

United States is one of the biggest dream for a lot of citizens of Poland. Nothing surprising in that, whole present culture is located in there. If you like to travel from Warsaw New York will be the best destination. This cosmopolitan city is know for it huge skyscrapers, and a lot of various interesting tourist destination. You could admire one of the firsts tall structures, like Chrysler and Empire States Buildings, both of theme were constructed just before World war Two. And if you like to see what was build in the place of famous Two Towers, you can go to see World War One, the tallest skyscraper in the Big Apple at the moment. But Warsaw New York connection could be also just a beginning of the bigger journey. You could go to the States this way, because it is the cheapest method. Then, after two days in Big Apple, you can get some domestic flights to Los Angeles or Miami – it is very cheap in there.geneva-947315_640

If you are looking for some place nice in Europe, you have to see Geneva, definitely. This is a very complex city. One of it parts is very romantic and beautiful. it is filled with nice, ancient buildings, interesting, Baroque residents, lovely bridges situated over the river and a lot of interesting touristic spots. In there you will find a couple of nice lakes, in which you may swim totally for free, and in the summer, weather in there is very lovely, it is a valley after all. Also, in the same lake you could rent a boat and have a nice cruise all around the water. And Geneva has also second part, on the other cite of the river. It is the financial center, not only for Switzerland, but for entire Europe. You will find there plenty of modern buildings adapted for offices of a lot of organizations. Also, you may have a tour around United Nations and Red Cross head quarters. It is totally for free.

There are many interesting destinations for holiday. If you like to have longer tour trough the United States, choose the Warsaw New York connection. And if you want to feel the spirit of European community, Geneva, with it astonishing atmosphere will be the best.