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Nowadays, people from Poland are travelling to almost every possible direction. We are visiting relatives in New York, having magnificent time in Brasil, or some exotic trip to Thailand. But most of us are choosing European flight connections, because it is much cheaper and faster, and there is a lot of interesting cities to admire in the Old Continent. If you are just starting your adventure with the plane, maybe instead visiting England or France, you will got to some other directions? Netherlands and Switzerland are also very beautiful, but not as much popular.

Lately, a lot of people are travelling to the Amsterdam for a job, because there is a lot of work for Polish people in there. And because of this situations, plane tickets are very cheap and there is a lot of different flights during the whole week. So if you are thinking about longer weekend, you need to go there, definitely. This city has a lot tourist attractions to offer. First spot you need to see, especially if you are fascinated about World War Two, is Ann Frank’s House. This is the building, in witch this small girls use to hide with here entire family from the Nazis. You will find there a lot of the pictures and manuscripts. And if you are fan of an art, you need to go to the Rijksmuseum, Dutch national Galery. You will have a chance to admire in there astonishing masterpieces of Rembrandt, van Delft, Franz Hals and a lot more.

amsterdam-988046_640Another interesting connection from the Warsaw Geneva is. This Swiss country shares a whole history of the international events of the Old Continent. it could be noticeable in one part of the city, filled of modern buildings, in which a lot of important offices are. Also, you could see on your own eyes headquarters of United nations and Red Cross. The entrance is for free, like most of the tourist attractions in this lovely country. But the another part of the city, situated on the second riverside, is totally different. Filled with lovely bridges, splendorous, historical architecture. You will find in there a lot of green parks, lawns, benches and coffee shops. Aldo if you like, you can take a bath in a huge lake, very clean and totally for free.

As you probably notice, there are also other cities in Eastern Europe than Paris or London. If you like to feel spirit of history of our continent, choos Warsaw Geneva connection. And when you are looking for some modern tourist attractions, and maybe any interesting pieces of art, Amsterdam will be the best for you.

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