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Nowadays, we have a lot of opportunities for vacations. We may stay in Poland, and have a nice time on Baltic seashore. Also, if we like, we just may visit mountains on the South and have more active holiday. But the most adventures will be to fly to some other place in Europe. At the moment, in Poland we have a lot of various airline companies available. Each of it has their own interesting deals on flights. Here are couple most popular connections.

Have you ever been in Denmark? If not, you should really try to get to the Copenhagen. This beautiful capital is one of the biggest touristic zone in this part of Old Continent. You will find there plenty of interesting, antic architecture, and astonishing landscape. Also, if you are a fan of amusement parks, you will find in there at least three places like that. Two of them are very old, the oldest in the entire Europe. If you are traveling with a kids, right outside the city you can go to the Lego Museum. It is great fun not only for children, but also for those, who use to play with this colorful bricks during they childhood. Or maybe you like to go for Safari? You don’t need to fly to Africa, outside Copenhagen there is very big place like that. It is very amazing and safe.copenhagen-995849_640

When you are very successful businessman in Warsaw Minsk is probably one city you are visiting very often during the year. This capital of Belarus is getting more and more popular place for Western interests. It is still forgotten by tourist, but it has a huge potential. Some people from Poland, like to travel in there, to fill like in our old, PRL’s Warsaw Minsk was also destroyed during the World War Two, so you won’t see in here a lot of tourist attraction. But the nicest in here is this nostalgic atmosphere. People are still using phone booths, they are doing their shopping on the local markets instead in the big malls. And if you have a couple hundred of Dollars, you are a very rich man in there.

There a lot of interesting destination in Europe. If you are looking for some nice place to visit with your entire family, you really need to fly to Copenhagen. It has nice amusement parks, safari and spectacular architecture. on the other hand, for the businessmen from Warsaw Minsk in the most popular destination. They are doing interests with citizens of Belarus, which becoming great district this kind in the Eastern Europe. And also, even if you are just a tourist, you will have a great time in this capital, it is very nostalgic.