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A lot of things had changed since dozens years in Poland. All of as have internet connection in our house, we are member of European Union, we are working in distance countries. And thanks to all of that, we have plenty of international flights available from a lot cities in our country. We can travel to almost each bigger metropolis, not only in Europe, but also world. But still the most popular are connections between cities in the Old Continent. They are cheapest and numerous.

There are many interesting flights to Europe from each Polish airport. if you are like to spend a hot holidays in the Barcelona, the cheapest connections will be from Wroclaw and Katowice. This Spanish city is the best if you like to get tan, swim in the sea and sea a lot of the monuments in one week. Another interesting type of flights to Europe leads from Wroclaw to Paris. This city is one of the most important metropolis in entire world. Even if you thing that this is a cliche to visit it, you need to do so, you will fell in love with this spot, it is guaranteed. And what about Warsaw Frankfurt connection? it is very popular, mostly by businessmen, who are visiting in there international markets of various fields.costa-brava-838671_640

But our continent has also Eastern part. If you are looking for some interesting flights to Europe, you should consider to visit Lviv. It use to be a Polish city, till the 1945. Nowadays, still a lot of our compatriots are living in there. This city has plenty of charmed, nice architecture, but is isn’t renovated very well – but it is some charm in that. Another interesting option is to flight to the St. Petersburg, the pearl of Russia. This spectacular city was build in the eighteenth century as a magnificent symbol of Russian domination. It has plenty of astonishing Baroque and Classicism residences. And what about South of Europe? Do you ever consider to flight to Belgrade? If not, you need to change it. War is over, this is very save place, you have nice flights from Poland to there available. And did you know, that Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in the world? It has more then 7000 years! You can flight also to Paris –

Warsaw Frankfurt connection, or maybe Wroclaw Paris? Does not matter, flights between each European cities are in so reasonable price, that you could have a couple longer weekend during the year broad, and you won’t get bankrupt. You just need to know how to looking for the best deals on tickets and hotels. But all the information you will find in the internet, with no problem.

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