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In the present time, people in Poland are very fascinated about the West, it culture lifestyle and even language. Also, a lot of tourist, while planning to visit some big metropolis, often go to the Paris, London or Berlin. But there are a lot of various destinations, which are also very phenomenal, but situated at the East of Poland. Also, we have few airline connections to the Russia and Ukraine available right now so it is worth to use it, for sure. It give as an opportunity to get to know totally different culture then ours, and especially Western.

The most popular city in the Ukraine, for most of the Polish citizens, is Lviv. But the capital Kiev, is also nice, and even bigger. It is situated right in the middle of the country, next to the Dnieper river. It always was very important city in this part of Europe, and you may notice it by the architecture. First of all, it is the place of many churches, not only Orthodox, but also Catholic ones. You will find in here buildings from Gothic, Baroque, Classicism, and any other possible period of time, all of them are renovated properly. The greatest impression makes towers of the temples, covered in gold. Also, this is good place to visit with kids, you could take them to the local zoologist garden. It is one of the biggest objects like that in this part of Europe, you will find in there all wildlife needed. And after whole day of walking, you may grab a delicious meal in the local restaurant.opera-99530_640

If you have never been to Russia, you need to book Warsaw Petersburg connection immediately. This is one of the prettiest cities in the entire Europe, it could be compared with Vienna and Paris. It was build in the eighteenth century, right after this land became part of Tsarists Russia. It has plenty of various palaces made in Baroque and Classicism style, with splendorous Rococo interior design. Most of this mansion are open for visitor to see, some of them are part of huge museum, Hermitage. It is situated in a five different palaces. You will admire in there not only Russian art, but also international, like Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt, Picasso and a lot more. If you like to book Warsaw Petersburg connection in reasonable price, you should do it couple months before your trip.

If you like to have a nice weekend in very lovely city, and do not spend too much money on it, choose Kiev. But if you are looking for some huge, artistic experience, you like a paintings and spectacular architecture, Petersburg is the best for you.

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