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Nowadays traveling becomes easier. The popularity of flights increased. There are several reasons for that. One is bigger availability. All the time there are appearing new airlines. All of them still increases the number of flights and airports which they are using. Besides, low-cost airlines became big competition. They allow traveling for lower prices, what increases numbers of travelers by plane.
One example of very valuable prices is the direction Warsaw – London. The tickets are extremally cheap, especially when we compare it to the prices in London itself. It may happen that the price of a ticket is about 10 euro, which may be cheaper than then transport from the airport to the city of London. (Keep in mind that budget airlines use airports in Luton and Stanford, so it’s not in the London itself.) The way back may be a bit more expensive, but if we are lucky it’s possible to find both – ways flights for 20 euros. If you prefer more comfy flights it is worthy to consider regular airlines. The biggest advantage is that you have more space in the plane and the arrival is in the main airport, situated in London. Apart form than many airlines is waiting for all passengers what might be very useful if you have change planned on your own or you’re traveling before by a different kind of transport. Keep in mind that UK is not in Schengen. You will need to show your passport or ID to the border guards.

Flights on the way London – Stockholm or Warsaw – Stockholm may be a bit more expensive. However if we have some time, patience and knowledge we can find valuable options.
We have plenty of possibilities how to look for the most suitable flights for us – read more on http://www.lot.com/airline-tickets/flights-from-warsaw-to-stockholm. Apart from airlines’ website we can use multi searches. They compare prices in many different airlines. Apart from that they work as a shop, which means they can offer you a better price that the airline itself. It’s always useful to check more than one multi searches and compare the possible flights. Some of them offer the option “everywhere” which mean you can just put the place of departure and the website will show the most valuable prices for different destinations. It’s a good option for everyone who like spontaneous trips and don’t have any specific aim for their journey. There are also special websites and Fanpages which shows the best deals. You can have a return ticket from London to some country in Asia for 100 euros.
Traveling by plane is easy and available for most of us. If you don’t have too many savings you can always go for cheap flights or look for special deals.