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Everybody looks for something different while on holidays. Some people love to lie on the beach and literally do nothing. Others – love hiking, do trekking or swimming. There are plenty of options for spending the holidays. However, there are also people who love museums. And they would be able to spend the whole holiday just going from one museum to another. For such people, we created this article! It will briefly present you the best museums in two cities, which have plenty to offer in that field.
To get to the first suggested destination, you need to take a flight from Warsaw Toronto. You will be amazed how many great museums are available in this city. When you are there, you would be able to visit for example:

– The MZTV Museum of Television, that hosts collection about television technology from as early as 1920s, up to 1970s.
– Aga Khan Museum, which presents the Muslim civilization, from both historical as well as contemporary perspectives.moscow-863531_640
– The Textile Museum of Canada, that displays more than 2000 year history of various cloths and garments.
– Bata Shoe Museum, where you can see more than 1000 pair of shoes, from so early as Ancient Greece, right until modern times.
– The Royal Ontario Museum, that has plenty of really amazing exhibitions. They are changed pretty often, but every time there is something incredibly interesting. For example, nowadays you can see such exhibitions are “Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art.” Or “Maps, Borders and Mobility in Africa”.

As you can see, Toronto offers very unique museums, which you will not be able to find in any other country in the word! Therefore, do not wit and check your Warsaw Toronto flights today!
Another city, that has plenty to offer for everybody who loves museums is… Moscow! According to many people, top three museums in this city are:
– the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, which is probably one of the most innovative museums in Moscow, as it presents history and information in a very interactive way. It was open in 2012 and hosts a permanent exhibition about Jewish history and culture. Apart of that, there are always some temporary exhibitions too. In the same building the Center of Tolerance is located.
– the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, which nowadays is probably the most fashionable and popular art space in the whole city. All sort of artists meet there regularly and it is popular place of meeting for artists, art students and so called hipsters. The museum does not only host various exhibitions, but is also a place of many educational programs and discussions.
– The State Tretyakov Gallery, which hosts the biggest art collection in the country. More than 17000 pieces of art are available there!

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