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Today’s capital Czechm – Prague – was established in 1784. The town was founded with the merger of five formerly independent, but connected with each other urban centers. The origins of all these villages date back to medieval times. These included: the Old Town, New Town, Josefov town, village Mala Strana and the city of Prague Castle. This last was the seat of Czech rulers. However, Prague is a remarkable city that is worth exploring, not only for the sake of its history, but also for the sake of beauty, architecture, culture and interesting sights. So what is worth seeing in Prague?

Visit Hradcany

It was the royal quarter of the city where the official Czech rulers. Very aristocratic and dignified place. There is a complex of royal castle coming from the ninth century, the Basilica of St. George, of course, the famous Golden Lane, and the royal gardens with the Belvedere. Certainly somewhat mysterious, but impressive attraction is the cathedral. Wit, built up by 6 centuries. So what’s there to see? First of all, the royal castle. Now it is the seat of the president, and the entire complex along with the royal gardens, sitting room, stables is available for tourists. You can be in love with him. We were there and confirm that the impressions are amazing!germany-178387_640

Stand on the Charles Bridge

In Prague znajdzuje many bridges, but the most famous is the Charles Bridge. It is almost 516 meters long and approx. 9.50 m wide. Once his name was different – he was called the Stone Bridge, some said to him, Prague Bridge. It was not until the late nineteenth century. The name was adopted the name Charles Bridge. You should know that by 1741 it was the only bridge over the Vltava river in the whole town, the whole Prague. Currently, you can not drive the car, because the bridge is available only for pedestrian traffic. Once kursowaƂ after the horse tram, then electric, and until 1965 the movement samochodwy was also possible. Why is the Charles Bridge? Its construction began during the reign of Emperor Charles IV in the fourteenth century.
The building stood in the place of an earlier stone bridge with XII in. Unfortunately, the first bridge was destroyed by a flood in 1342. As usual nature allowed wpowadzenie innovation and structures meet the new requirements of the residents. Today, the bridge is a tourist attraction worth a visit while in Prague, and many honeymooners eager to make a beatiful picture here. Nice place to be when you visit capital of Czech (

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