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Nowadays, thanks to the cheap airline companies, people from Poland are travelling whole around the Europe. We can go for a longer weekend to some nice capital, within few hours you may go from one corner of the continent to another. It is very fas and save way of travelling, and also very cheap, if you know how too look for a connections. From Warsaw, you will find a lot of interesting destinations, you may visit Spain, France, or even Hungary. Here are two out of many great cities to explore.

Back in nineties, some more wealthy families were spending their holidays in the Hungary, mostly in it capital, Budapest. Nowadays, we have this opportunity again, thanks to new connections in airline companies. And this city is very worth to be visited. This phenomenal place is situated along the Danube river. it has very interesting story – it use to be separated on Buda and Pest city, but in 1972 it became one part. The Castle Hill is very nice part of Budapest, it has a lot of interesting, old buildings, including old, Medieval castle. And the panorama from the top of it is breathtaking. Also, the nice thing about the city are baths. It use to be a very important therapeutic district, thanks to the thermal waters. Nowadays, you can still take a pleasant bath, and admire a spectacular architecture of it buildings.

budapest-1330977_640One of the most popular destination from Warsaw Madrid is. This phenomenal city, the capital of Spain, is very famous among Polish people, especially young students. This is also place filled with beautiful architecture. You will be able to explore in there very nice sacral objects, most of them Catholic, build in Medieval an Renaissance times. Also, secular architecture is worth to be seen. The Royal Palace is one of the nicest example of Classicism style in the entire Spain. But if you are tourist from Warsaw Madrid have to offer also a lot of objects of art. You need to go to the Prado Museum, even if you are not a big fan of painting. There are many masterpieces of famous artists, like Bosch, Tintoretto, Titian, Picasso, Poussin and many more. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Holiday is very great opportunity to see some nice, old cities. If you are not a fan of laying on a beach and do nothing, you should book flight tickets to the Madrid or Budapest, two phenomenal, European cities. First is more warmer, so you can go there in the September, when summer is less hot. And the second one, will be even nice in the August day, because the climate in Hungary is similar to the Polish one.

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