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Since many years, a lot of Polish tourists are traveling to the Croatia each year, to spend wonderful holiday. This place is very nice for us, their language is similar, they are very friendly for us, and the prices are not very high. Unfortunately, if we are living in the north part of Poland, journey by car to the south of Europe took more then dozen hours for us. But there is a method for that either, thanks to the cheap airline companies, since few yeas we are able to fly to this beautiful country.

Now, we have airline tickets for two different destinations available from Poland to Croatia. First one is to capital, Zagreb. This city is situated in the south part of the country. Maybe it is not very beautiful, it was ruined during the Balkan wars after all, but it is still worth to be seen. It is typical, Eastern European town, but you need to have a tour before you go begin your travel to the Croatian beaches. You can visit Stone Gate, the venue of Catholic cult, very moody, even if you are not a believer. Another interesting place is Mirogoj, which means… graveyard. This nostalgic place, is one of the prettiest objects like that in entire Europe. You will find in here a lot of tombs, which looks like a true pieces of art. Also, is you will visit Zagreb, don’t forget to have a tour around it nicest sculptures, this capital has a lot of it.croatia-1359529_640

Another city, for which you may buy airline tickets from Poland, is Dubrovnik. This location will be much better for all those travelers, which prefers the southern areas of the Croatia. This city is situated near the sea, and has plenty of interesting objects spread around. The entire old town of this small city is filled of tourist attractions. You will see in here ancient, Medieval fortress, or maybe just a ruins of it. Also, there are placed in here plenty of various churches, from all art movement possible. If you like to spend a lot of days at the beach, this destination will be the best for you. But remember, if you like to get the cheapest airline tickets possible, you need to book it couple months before your journey.

If you are planning to spend your vacations in Croatia, you don’t have to go there by car, also plane will be ok. Especially since airline tickets are so cheap right now. You can book your flight to the Zagreb, if you prefer to stay at north, or to the Dubrovnik, to enjoy the southern beaches. Both cities has nice monuments to explore, so you won’t get bored in there.

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