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There are a lot more flight destination from Poland then ten year ago. We may go to the Africa, South America and even Australia. But still, the most popular and the cheapest are connections to Western Europe. Nothing surprising in that, cause this part of continent has plenty of interesting cities spread all around it. Also, Polish citizens are traveling in there to work, because a lot of them prefer to earn money in Euro or Pounds. And because of it, sometimes you can find a air tickets for couple zlotych.

One of the most popular tourist destination from Poland is Brussels. You can go there from most of the polish airports. Since we become a member of European Union, more and more young people are traveling in there for work. But not only they are buying flight tickets. Also a lot of travelers are choosing this city as nice place to go for a weekend. And there is nothing surprising in that, Because Brussels is very beautiful place. It signature is statue of Manneken Pis, the buy who is urinating. But Brussels is mostly about phenomenal architecture. You can admire in there plenty of nice building from every art movement possible. Gothic churches, Baroque residence, Classicism palaces and many more. If you like to feel the true spirit of Western Europe it is the right place.stock-exchange-1138460_640

The most popular flight destination from Warsaw London is. People are traveling in there mostly for work, cause many millions Polish people are leaving in there entire year, with only few visit to Poland. But also a lot of tourist are visiting this phenomenal city, because it is filled with attraction. The most popular building in there is probably Westminster Palace. It is the head quarter of British parliament, build in the second part of nineteenth century. It was placed in the same spot where former parliament use to stood, which was ruined during fire. New one is the nice example of New-Gothic architecture. And if you like to see some very old building, you need to visit the Tower, definitely. It was build in eleventh century as a prison for political convicts. Even Mary of Stuart was held in there. It was rebuild several times during it long history, but it still looks like an old, Pre-Gothic jail.

If you are planning to get some cheap flight from Warsaw London or Brussels will be the best. You can find very cheap tickets to this cities, because a lot of Polish people are living in there. Both of it has plenty of interesting buildings to explore, so it will be the best to give a chance to each of them.

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