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People choose their travel destination according to different factors. Some of them choose places famous for museums, other people prefer places with good night life. However, there are many people who appreciate good food and “food trips” become more and more popular. The idea is simple – you travel to places which have an amazing food and your main activity is trying and experiences new meals and cuisine.
If you are one of the food lover, Brussels would be a perfect place for you. Even though many people buy airline tickets Warsaw – Brussels only when they have to attend some job related meetings or visit one of the institutions of European Union, it might be a mistake. Why? Because Brussels has many other things to offer. And one of them is definitely food. In Brussels you can choose between elegant and fashionable restaurants, which are obviously more expensive, and more affordable places, town-1398983_640popular mostly among young people and students. One thing is very visible in Brussels – if some place is really good and affordable, you will see a long queue outside such place. It is pretty common view in Brussel. Furthermore, as the city is a home for many expats, you will be able to find restaurants that offer meals from all over the world. Therefore, Brussels is a paradise for every person that appreciate tasty food.
However, if you invest in airline tickets Warsaw – Brussels, you definitely need to try typical local cuisine. One of such meal is definitely Belgium fries, known all over the world. They are a little different than typical “french  fries” which you can find in other countries – they are bigger and wider. This is very popular meal – there are more than 4000 frites stands around Belgium! What is the secret of extra crispy taste? Potatoes are fried in the fryer not once, but twice! If you want to eat them as a real Brussels citizen, do not dip them in ketchup. Instead of that, choose mayo or aioli. Another food famous in Brussels are obviously waffles! You can choose between waffle topped with whipped cream, fresh fruit, Nutella or melted chocolate! People in Brussels eat waffles for breakfast, snack or even as a dessert after dinner! During your food trip you need to also try moules! It is always serve 1 kilo per portion. You can choose to have it with vegetables and white wine, or so called moules a la crème. Without any doubt, you will definitely love those meals and the whole trip! Therefore, buy your airline tickets Warsaw – Brussels and enjoy discovering new tastes and cuisine!

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