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The web of flight connections from Poland to another parts of Europe is getting bigger each year. We are able to travel to Russia and Ukraine for a song, Czech Republic is also available since several years. Lately, another destinations arrived at the Polish airports. Now we are also able to travel to the Serbia and Slovenia. It is especially important, since summer is almost here, and a lot of us are planning some interesting vacations. here are two nice cities, really worth to be seen.

When you are thinking about Belgrade, the firs thought is a war. But days, when Serbia was a host of a huge war are over for many years. Since then a lot of things have changed, and it is as much save place as any other city in the Europe. But not everybody knows that history of a Belgrade has almost seven thousand years. In the Paleolithic era it was a huge village, also during the Roman Empire it was an important area. The name of the city start to be in use in the beginning of the ninth century. If you are a fan of architecture, it is very nice place for you. Although a lot of building was destroyed during the world, still you can admire in here every possible art movement, also ancient ones. The older structure, Kalemegdan, was build in the third century before Christ.

slovenia-714578_640If you are looking for some alternative place to visit, you need to book flight for Warsaw Ljubljana connection. This capital of Slovenia, was also victim of a war in this area, but not for such a long period of time as Serbia. The most interesting place in this city is Castle Hill, with amazing, medieval fortress, build in the ninth century. It was rebuild several times, and it has a lot of Renaissance and Baroque influences. Also, in the center of the city, you may notice a lot of interesting buildings, designed by famous architect, Jože Plečnik. He was using an ancient influences in modern architecture. He made entire concept of the new, metropolis, but unfortunately his dead finished his work. And if you are a fan of a Classical architecture, you need to visit a Tivoli park. in the middle of it, astonishing residence was created in seventeenth century.

If you are looking for some nice, calm vacations in the lovely city, you should book a ticket for Warsaw Ljubljana connection. You will be able to admire a lot of charming architecture. And if you prefer to see on your own eyes one of the oldest cities in the entire Europe, Belgrade should be your destination.

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