Best idea for city break – Vilnius

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Nowadays, thanks to cheap airline companies, you can travel whole around the world for a penny. You can visit relatives in Australia, have a great trip to New York, or fantastic time in Paris or Barcelona. But not only western world is interesting and worth to be seen. Also eastern Europe has a lot great tourist destinations, that need to be seen. If you have never been to that part of continent, you can change it right now, you just need to book a flight to Lithuania, very small but also very interesting country, with rich history.

If you like to find airline tickets London – Vilnius in very reasonable price, you need to be wise. Cause this type of direction is available in every time of the year, but sometimes it is very expensive. Because of the fact, that a lot of Lithuanians is working in United Kingdom, in the time of important holidays they try to get back home. So if you like to visit the capital of this country, do not book tickets for Christmas or Easter. The best will be low season. May, June or September are very worm in there, but not hot, so perfect for sightseeing. Also, there will be far less tourists on the streets, so plane tickets and accommodation will be much cheaper. Another way to save a lot of cash, is to take only carry -on baggage, without checked one. You can fit all your belongings in there, it is enough for short trip. building-255445_640

And if it is really worth to book airline tickets London – Vilnius? Of course it is! It is very old and charming city, with plenty of monuments and tourist attractions to offer. First of all, the churches. This city has plenty of wonderful temples to explore build in the each period of times, most of them are Orthodox and Catholic. Another great thing to see in there is Lithuanian Art Museum. It contain exhibitions of paintings of all important artists, not only from Lithuania, but also from Poland. Cause those two countries use to be in personal union for a lot of centuries. Another good aspect of the city are mansions. There are plenty of wonderful palaces, build in Baroque movement, that use to belong to aristocrats. Nowadays, their are renovated very well, and open for visitors to explore. If you are a fan of historical interior design, you need to go there.

If you like to see some interesting city in the eastern Europe, you should book airline tickets London – Vilnius immediately. in that place you will find a phenomenal architecture, not only secular, but also Catholic and Orthodox temples.