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Beijing is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world ( It is not a surprise, as this country is a perfect combination of old architecture, culture and traditions, with new buildings and modern face of China.
Nowadays, reaching Beijing is as easy as never before. Many cheap flights to Beijing can be easily found. Thanks to this, this magical city is easily accessible and affordable for more and more tourists from all over the world. All of them, will have a chance to make a big step into extremely interesting and engaging history. It is enough to take a nice walk through the ancient hutong neighborhoods or / and the Forbidden city, to understand how many historical places and sites are simply waiting to be discovered! In fact, it would take at least a few week if you want to see all of them!  Therefore, this magical city is definitely a paradise for everybody who likes history. However, Beijing is so magical not only because its historical values. It is amazing because it perfectly combines history with modernity, old and new. Even though many people who live in Beijing dress and live similarly to people in Europe, they stick to tradition at the same time. It is very easily visible at any of festivals or ceremonies. Even a tea ceremony is strongly connected with old tradition and culture. And people still stick to it while preparing and drinking tea. Isn’t it fascinating?river-1199274_640
Furthermore, Beijing is a good place to visit a famous the Great Wall. This extremely famous landmark is a mast see, therefore you cannot miss this chance. You can walk around for hours and enjoying admiring one of the world wonders! Furthermore, this city is a perfect spot to try real Chinese food. If you try it in one of the Chinese restaurants in Europe you could not believe how big is the difference! Traditional meals such as for example Roasted Peking duck, is so much more tasty in Beijing! After a great meal, you should also definitely visit the Tianamen Square, which is very impressive as it is the largest public square in the whole world! Once you are there, you can  also access a 360-degree panorama spot, and enjoy this breath taking view! However, you need to remember that those are only example, and we have not mentioned about many amazing templates and palaces! And they all surrounded with new building, in this amazing blend of tradition and modernity!
As you can see, Beijing is a truly magical city. If you have not been there yet, it is definitely worth to consider it as a next holiday destination.

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