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Summertime in Hungary


In present times Polish travelers are having difficult job to decide where to travel for future holidays. After cheap, airline companies become more available for them, they were able to visit distance, exotic countries, not only in Europe.

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Travel by plane – ideas 2017


New Year is a great reason to make some resolutions. One of them can be travelling by plane much often than in a previous year. Luckily, there are numerous ways to do it because the low-budget airlines as well as well-known airlines have prepared really rich offer for their customers.

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Short trip to Amsterdam


The capital of Netherlands is one of the most interesting place to visit in Europe (here). The city is known for it amazing landscape, great monuments and friendly people. It is also good place to try less conventional attractions, which are forbidden in most of the European capitals.

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Main attractions of Moscow


Maybe the capital of Russia is not one of the most popular, Holiday destination, but for sure it is Worth to be visited. The colorful history of Moscow is the reason why plenty of great monuments are available in there. But how to organize the trip to save some cash […]

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